Mariko: Zodiac

"Konnichiwa," the girl said, blinking at the two figures in front of her. She had had her head down, and -wham!- had hit straight into one of them.

“Ow,” I said, rubbing the bump the might have been forming on my head, “Who am I? What do you mean?”

I had wanted to walk from the station to my grandmother's house alone and, deep in thought, I hadn’t wanted this sort of interruption. People interruption.

The girl’s indigo coloured hair reached long and straight down her back, her emerald eyes, half hidden under little circular spectacles, were wise and interested, gazing over at these new people.

“Your name?” One said.

“My name?” I laughed, slightly distracted, “Oh, yes, I am Mariko…”

Then, suddenly, there was the overwhelming animal smell about these two. There was a dog- the girl with hair like a sunset, radiant and gleaming, and a cat- the girl with beautiful flowing snow-white hair and eyes shining like ice.

“You’re Zodiac!” I spoke out, astonished.

The girl had never met another Zodiac before and now here she was, running into, not one, but two!

“Yes,” said the girl with white hair, “And so are you. My name is Hikari and I am the Byakko-“

“The White Tiger?” I blushed, “Oh, please excuse my interruption, but I have read so much on the Zodiac, it is great to be meeting some more!” I turned to the other girl, “And who are you?”

Sukihime, the Kitsune.”

I grinned happily.

“This is great! Where are you two off to now?”

“Home…” Hikari said wearily, “We’ve had enough problems for one day…”

“Hmm,” I didn’t need to ask. My dark side had crept up on me many times in my life. It was the only curse of being a Zodiac.

The End

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