Hikari: Running.

The run was liberating, the wind blowing through our fur, stirring the pink blossom beneath our feet, turning them into small whirlwinds. The trees swayed and bent to the rhythm of the forest and I knew this is where I belonged. But something upset the balance around us, something was here that didn't belong.

"Umm...Suki-chan?" I  growled, noticing the flash of blue beside us that ran.

I loved my form as a Byakko. My snow white, fluffy fur and deepest black stripes. But what I loved most of all was the fact that I had no definite form. I was more like a ghost, than an animal and I moved through the forest like smoke without a fire.

She stopped and I stopped just a little way behind her, my claws pawing the ground irritably as I fought back the urge to jump upon the blue fox that followed us. But I knew it was her heart and her demons she had to fight.

"This is your fight."

The End

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