Hikari - Kurai

I looked to Suki-chan, confused for a moment before the smell hit me. I jumped up and looked at Kurai. My dark self. It was like a contorted mirror had been placed between us. She shouted at me to go and I shook my head, this was my demon. I have to fight her and this time I had power to do so, I wouldn’t just run away.

She smiled at me and I let out a sigh of relief as the doors opened at my stop, people filed past us and I never left Kurai’s eyes.  But as she sent a rough gust of wind into the carriage I growled, the animalistic noise tearing out of my throat and she smiled.

“Suki-chan, go! Get everyone off the train!” But it seemed she wouldn’t need to do much as a lightning bolt tore the roof from the carriage and everyone ran screaming from the train, apart from the driver that seemed unaware as he set off.

Kurai knocked me back, and I slipped onto all fours as she pushed me to the floor. “No! I’ve just made a friend, another zodiac; I’m not going to let you beat me!” I shouted, the Dark Zodiacs came from the dark part of our hearts and usually, I had nothing bright to fight for. But today, that was different. I felt the power course through my veins as I remembered Suki-chan.

I pounced, knocking Kurai from her feet, pinning her to the ground I sent a lightning bolt from the sky, directly to her body. The battle was short, but only because Kurai was caught off guard. She was so used to watching me flee. I knew she thought that if she caught me on the train I’d have nowhere left to run.

She was right, but the day I turned to fight was the day that I had made a friend and I felt a part of my heart light up. The dark zodiac would be back though, I knew it would, I wasn’t completely happy, yet. I grinned back at Suki-chan. “It seems I’ve missed my stop,” I laughed awkwardly.

The End

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