Sukihime: Hikari-chan

"Uh... Yorii? In the Osato district?" I asked, looking at the Zodiac across from me. She seemed nice, but that smell of cat was getting too much.

"Yeah," she replied.

"I live in Osato. Hachigata. Heard of it? I think it's about a mile or something from Yorii," I told her. "Onamae wa, neko-san?"

"Hikari. So your stop's soon?"

"Hai, Hikari... can I call you Hikari-chan? My name is Sukihime. I'm Kitsune, the two tailed fox," I said, looking back out at the sakura blossoms which had blown over the paths, creating a beautiful carpet of soft pink.

"Okay... Suki-chan."

I smiled. I don't think I've ever been called Suki-chan before. But I've never met another Zodiac.

The smell of cat drifted towards me again, but there was something different about it, something... wrong.

I looked up to see someone who looked like Hikari-chan walking towards us, but I knew it wasn't Hikari.

"Hikari!" I said loudly, earning odd looks from the other passengers. "Go!"


The End

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