Hikari: Inu-San

I looked out the window as a few cherry-blossom trees whizzed by. It was mostly a blur of brown, as most blossoms had blown away. I loved the Sakura festival, I loved wearing the kimonos. The bright colours as the blossoms cover the floor in a soft pink blanket. And Chinese New Year...

I smiled to myself as the memories of the tiger floats as New years came and went. But a strong smell hit my nose and I coughed and spluttered before turning, looking wildly around the train.

"Hey Neko-San," a girl murmured as she pulled out her headphones, I turned to her with a cautious smile, "are you a zodiac?" She asked. She had bright orange hair with white tips and silver eyes. I smiled truly this time I nodded.

"Hello, Inu-san," I replied, the smell of dog overpowering my nose. "Yes, I am. I'm Byakko, the white tiger. It's wonderful to meet you." I outstretched my hand to her and she shook it.

"Can I ask where you live? I'm from Yorri in Saitama. My stop's soon..." I murmured, that was just fate wasn't it? I had only just met another zodiac and my stop was a few minutes away. Please say you live close, Inu-San.

The End

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