Sukihime: Kitsune

"machiakari hanayaka
eeteru masui no tsumetasa
nemurenai gozen niji
subete ga kyuusoku ni kawaru..."

I sang softly along to my all time favourite song, Meltdown. Sure, it was sung by a Vocaloid, but a better song I have never heard.

I never took any notice of anyone on the train, and today was no exception. I gazed at the city rushing by, wishing that the platform wouldn't always be so crowded. That way, I could simply become a Kitsune, my vulpine self, and reach my destination so much faster.

Konnichiwa. I'm Sukihime, zodiac fox girl. My hair is boy-short and orange, except for an inch of white at the bottom. My eyes are bright silver, and I normally pretend I wear contact lenses.

A girl breezed past me and sank into the seat opposite. I wouldn't have taken any notice of her, except just then a gust of wind blew in through the open door and blew straight into my face the scent of-


What the...?

Could she be... a Zodiac?

"Hey, neko-san," I say, pulling my earphones out. "Are you a Zodiac?"

The End

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