Hikari: Byakko

I shouldered my school bag; I am seventeen and currently in grade 2, high school. I live in Yorri, Saitama which is a suburb of Tokyo. My mother owns a small flower shop there and sometimes sells the statues that I make. I looked around me and smiled, the leaves were just falling from the maple trees that surrounded the school and they painted the ground in hues of burning oranges and bright scarlets. I loved Autumn, it was my favourite time of year.

But, I looked at the sky and let out a short sigh and pulled out the black ribbon that tied my hair up and wrapped it around my wrist. My hair cascaded over my shoulders, falling to my lower back. My hair was as white as the clouds and had coal black streaks spotted randomly throughout it, just like a tiger's stripes. My eyes are the palest blue; like a frozen lake partly covered with snow. You see, ever since my father died and I found a hidden strength that was buried within me I changed.

I took a breath, trying to steady my thoughts as they raced around my skull. No, I was more mature than this, I knew that we all had to move on. My bangs framed my heart-shaped face, one black, one white. I pushed the hair behind my ears and set off walking again. 

I walked to the train station, enjoying the light wind that blew my hair around me. It smelt earthly and I just loved the sound of the brown leaves skittering across the floor. I imagined myself running through the forest, my ghostly Byakko form making light work of the complex maze of trees. I was the white tiger of the west, I knew briefly about myself and others from tales in the books at school but I wasn’t fortunate enough to bump into another one like me.

My thoughts flew from my mind as quickly as the train that screeched to a halt in front of me. I sat down, looking around me with a sigh. Some guy had a dog on his lap. As soon as I walked past him to sit down the dog went crazy. No human can smell it, but I know I smell like a cat, it happens a lot.

I apologise, my thoughts aren’t normally this cluttered. But lately, I’ve just been thinking a lot more about myself; will I always live without meeting another zodiac like myself? Or will I meet my end at the hands of my dark doppelganger? I shuddered at the thought and rested my head on my hands as I stared out of the window at the scenery that whizzed by. I hate my life.

The End

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