Gallie woke up and rolled out of bed. Landing face first onto the floor. She shakes her head for a bit--and looks out the window to see the eleven hundred hour sun. Stretching and yawning, she puts on a bath robe, and heads off to take a shower. She then screams, "GAH! WHAT DAY IS IT!"

She dashes out the steaming hot shower, and rapidly gets dressed. Not bothering with silly things like a bra, she puts on a shirt with a built in support--to save time. She grabs a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie. Does a quick make up job, and runs out to Prof. Willow's Lab.

"Crap! Crap! Crap! Why does mom have to go to work at six in the morning. What kind of crazy person gets up before ten?"

Gallie runs--only to find that it is starting to get painful due to her lack of support--and being slightly over weight. She does her best to hold stuff in place until she gets a block away from Prof. Willow's lab. Where she just collapses on a bench. Panting a bit.

Gallie thinks for a bit, looking at her fingers, rolling each digit in as she counts off: "right--okay... I will grab the starter monster... if there is one left. Second, I return home, and pack a few things. I think there is still some jerky in the fridge and some sausages--and I hope some of the bannock Mom made last night is still around. I can heat that up. Third, I will need some clothes. I would hate to go all over Koshen looking like this mess. Fourth, I will need some nonperisable food with me--my best bet is to try to grab as much nonperisable stuff as possible. Fifth, I will need some stuff to start fires and some Pokeballs."

Gallie looked at her closed fist for a bit, slumping further on the bench. Gallie stands up, and heads over to Prof Willow's lab, opening the door to just peak in a slight bit.

Prof Willow was not in. Gallie looked around a bit, before picking up a Pokeball, letting out a Plantail. It was a small four legged frog with a tail. A single leaf was sprouted from the back of its head, just over two seeds. The Plantail lets out a small croaking noise. Gallie figures her best chance is to ask this frog, so she kneels down, and asks--nervously, "Uh--er... hi... uh.. do you know where the Professor is?"

The Plantail tilts its head, and lets its throat sack expand in a croak. It shoots its tongue out at the air in the area a few rapid times, before getting excited and running out a back door. Gallie chases it, to find it just wanted to go into the pool there. Gallie slumps down, "great, now, not only am I late--but the Professor is not even here."

Gallie looks around, to see there were a few other pokemon here--swimming in a wide arrange of beautiful splenders. There was a Goospond swimming with some Duckiver. There were some Seavovle and some Blobabe. An Eelight... and somebody swimming next to the Eelight. Of course, the Plantail was swimming around too.

Gallie hears some footsteps behind her, "Galilahi Etenia O'Neil, you finally made it."

Gallie turns to see a taller lanky man, brown hair in its usual stubborn lack of a part, blue turtle neck and brown pants. The lab coat over top seems to accentuate a sort of pretentious type look, as it had its collar up. Prof Willow was in his early thirties--still new to the Professor game--though he looked younger than he was. Gallie nervously asks, "Oh, hi, Prof Willow--uh... I am here for a starter I guess?"

Prof Willow walks past her and motions the Plantail onto her shoulder, "well, it is an odd choice for somebody wanting to do contests, to choose a Plantail. He usually is unweildy in anything apart from the Cool contests. Though, I am certain trying to train the Fonz is something you are up to."

Gallie blinks, "what? No Volkitten? Isn't that Eelight still up for grabs?"

At which moment the person swimming around with it pops up from the surface, almost on cue, removing a snorkle and goggles, "hey, Professor, I really like this Eelight--I was wondering if maybe I could journey with it for a while?"

Gallie glares at her--Gallie has spent nights thinking of combinations for having Eelight show beautiful combinations on stage. Only to have this.

Plantail hops off of Prof Willow and onto Gallie's chest. Gallie just rubs the Plantail. Glaring at this swimming girl.

The End

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