A light shower of snow was falling down gently, I looked up and down the path in front of me and bit my bottom lip. I sighed and said to myself,

"Well... I can happily say that I'm lost!" I turned around and looked for anything that would give me a clue to where I was,

"I didn't need a map I said, I would go where the wind took me I said..." I muttered darkly to myself and I moved my backpack to a more comfortable position.

No phone, no map... Great!

I walked over to a lake that ran along one side of the road and knelt down to look at the water. Something moved beneath the water, I blinked and leaned further forward, I could clearly see something beneath the water. It was rippling through the water and a lazy speed. I was completely focused on the thing in the water that when I suddenly heard,

"Excuse me." I yelped in surprise and over balanced, toppling into the water. I struggled to get back to the surface but was completely disorientated. I watched as the precious air bubbles escaped from my mouth. My vision was fading but just before I blacked out completely I saw something swimming towards me at a great speed.

It was a while before I woke again.

Fire crackled close by as I felt a gently heat on one side of my face, I opened my eyes slowly and just watched the fire for a while. I then realized that I wasn't at my house, and I had no idea where I was. I sat up quickly, a blanket drifted onto the floor when I sat up. Someone grunted in surprise and I heard a thump, I looked over to the left to see a man, around his early twenties by my guess, sprawled out on the floor. He rubbed his head and looked up at me grinning, embarrassed. I noticed a tank behind his chair and saw a sky blue creature swimming inside. It was in the shape of an Ekans, if only I bit fatter, with two lightning shaped horns on it's head.

"I'm Professor Willow," I looked up at the man who was now standing in front of me,

"Aymela, but you can just call me Amy." There was an awkward silence,

"Uh... Where am I? What happened?" I watched as Prof. Willow turned red slightly,

"Well now, that's slightly my fault, you see Eelight had escaped somehow so I was looking for him. I came across you by the river and you seemed to be looking at something so I was wondering if it was Eelight but when I went over to talk to you I guess I startled you... You fell into the lake and well... I can't swim that well... so I was panicking when suddenly Eelight appeared with your arm wrapped around his shoulder. So I pulled you out and took you to my lab." He paused and seemed to get a almost thoughtful look and he murmured,

"Odd, Eelight has never gone out of his way to help anyone." I sighed confused,

"I'm sorry but can you tell me who Eelight is?" Prof. Willow blinked and said,

"Oh yes of course! This is Eelight." He pointed over the the Pokémon that was swimming in the tank, I looked at him and then at Eelight. Eelight did a Roley-Polly in the water and winked at me. I walked over and knelt down by the glass, Eelight came over and tapped the glass with it's yellow beak,

"He's so cute..." I said quietly, Prof. Willow came and stood next to me,

"Well that's not something I hear every day..." He glanced down at me and I tore my gaze from Eelight to look up at him. This was the first time I really noticed what he looked like. He was quite tall and lanky, he had brown hair that seemed to struggle to decide which direction it wanted to go in. He has a white lab coat with a blue turtle neck and brown trousers underneath. With an angular face that had a morning shadow, I could see the hints of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth that suggested that he laughed or cried quite a lot.

"Um... would you mind if I drew him?" I asked suddenly, I knew that my eyes would be lit up. The Prof. seemed taken aback by my question but nodded regardless. I skidded over to my bag, having to catch myself on the sofa to stop myself from sliding, I grabbed the strap of my bag and went back over to the tank.

"We have a swimming pool outside with various other Pokémon who visit. I'll take Eelight out there." Prof.Willow picked up a poke ball and I watched as the red beam transported Eelight into the ball. We went outside and I gasped as I saw the pool, it was so big!

I was practically jumping up and down as Prof.Willow let Eelight out, I laughing as Eelight jumped out the water and turned around in the air, diving back in. 

I took off my shoes and tied my hair up into a ponytail, I placed my jacket next to my bag. My trousers were able to become shorts with a zip just above the knee that went all the way round. I placed the bottom material of the trousers on top of the bag and grabbed my (waterproof) camera. Prof.Willow opened his mouth to say something but it was too late, I dived into the pool and enjoyed the feeling of water rushing past me. I kicked upwards and looked up to see the Professor looking at me, I frowned,

"I can swim! It was just that I panicked because I was already confused about where I was. I actually love the water!" I smiled and put my camera strap around my neck and dived back under, I saw Eelight come up along side me. I brought the camera up and took a picture, he was up close to the camera so I got a close up of his face, the next one I took was him swimming towards me. I tried not to laugh as he went around me in circles. I kicked up to take another breath and noticed that the Prof. was looking worried, before I could ask what was wrong he left running. I heard Eelight come up next to me and we both looked at each other questioningly.

The End

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