Koshen travels

A trio of of pokemon masters explore the beautiful region of Koshen, unlocking secrets and mysteries lost to time


I awoke with a start. I stared around my room, barely taking in my surroundings. At last, my gaze met that of my calendar. Or rather, the date I had circled. The day Professor Willow was coming to town. Just a day ago, I had turned twelve, and just a week ago me and my family moved from Hoenn to Koshen.

As my eyes fought to remain open, I heard a cry, a sad, low cry. Jumping out of bed, I rushed to my window and removed my curtains from sight. In my garden, my snow-covered garden was a pokemon. Ginger in colour, it looked familiar and made my heart skip a beat.

Five minutes later, I emerged from my home door and jumped the few inches that my house was raised to avoid sinking into the melted snow that are home had made. As I stood over the pokemon, I drew from my coat pocket the letter I had recieved from Willow. It had three pokemon on it, and one of them was sitting in front of me.

"It's a Volkitten!" I gasped, picking the frozen cat up and stroking it. The flame on its tail roared the more I hugged it. I looked up when I heard heavy footsteps running my way. I was shocked to see a bewildered and hysterical Prof. Willow running my way.

The End

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