Consistency Is KeyMature

This week I got into my normal activities. Staying up late into the night, feeding my addiction to The Sims, writing upon sudden bursts of inspiration, reading up on random interests, and of course, no day is complete until Kodak has either laid down on her bed or paced the floor contemplating the workings of the universe. These are my consistent habits.

That word, though, “consistent", is very important. I have plenty of options upon what I could do with my time each day of my life. Things that could nurture my intellect, things that could further my social standing, things that could damage my health, the lists goes on and on. But each week, I have things that I do “consistently." The thing that I have found is that it doesn’t matter what you have a longing to do or a passion for as much as it matters how much time you actually dedicate towards doing them, and also, how much time you dedicate towards these things on a consistent basis. Consistency opens up this whole other level of what I’ll call “power" behind whatever act you’re doing. You become familiar with the hobby or task that you’re doing, so much so that your aptitude at it becomes higher than it was when you only participated in it every now and then.

What I found upon my reflection this week is that whenever I dedicated myself to something on a consistent basis, even if that meant only doing it a few minutes each day, I was more confident, more successful, and more convincing at it. I would like to propose to you that consistency is the key. Even if you aren’t quite good at something right now, or even if you’re marvelous at it, add consistency to the task and see your work become even more amazing.

The End

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