Loving MyselfMature

In the midst of what I call my day to day life during summer, I still find time to do a personal inventory multiple times a day, and what I find, especially as of late is that I love myself.

Sure there are times when the outer world creates the challenge of questioning myself. The most direct attack is my mother’s obsession with appearance. Finding the will to remind myself to shake off her negative comments about my body and how I present myself is a daily thing, but I still manage to do it, remembering that it’s her own insecurities in herself that she’s expressing. More distance in the world is the common echoing of the status quo. The pressure to act and feel a certain way just because of where you are, what you look like, and what people identify you as. And I still find myself strong against stereotypes even when I am faced with them head on.

What I find in the times that I look inwardly on my soul is that I am a girl correcting of the failed teachings of the world. I am whoever I want to be and I am not weak-willed enough to be simply molded by people anymore. I have this understanding now that I have all the choices in the world and I take care to not let that truth be hidden under the lies of the world. I love this girl that I have become.

The End

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