Ruining My Sims' LivesMature

So this week was probably the laziest I have been since I finished my school year back in April, and it’s all because of my addiction to The Sims 3. I’ve only been playing this game for a little short of 2 years, but it has taken up so much of my free time since I got the base game. Guys, I have every freaking expansion pack, almost all of the stuff packs, and a lot of store content. When I’m not playing the game myself, I watch Let’s Plays of the Sims 3 on Youtube (some of my favorite simmers are Quxxn, TheSimSupply, UrbanSims, and AndrewArcade). And the same damn thing happens when a new expansion pack comes out: I disappear into the vortex of the game for a week or more. I’m talking, Wake up, Sims. Go pee, Sims. Sit down, Sims. Eat chips, Sims. Pass out, Sims. Wake up, Sims. Faded, Sims. Faded, Sims.

I think what makes the Sims so addictive for me is the absolute havoc I can cause in the game without suffering real life consequences. For example, in the game I’m playing lately, I had my sim try to get engaged with this guy. In the first place I had trouble keeping him in one place for a long time, so building relationship was hard. Then she had to become a homewrecker and convince the guy to divorce his husband, because apparently he swings both ways. All during this, her future husband kept leaving her house, so I would have to invite him back. I was getting frustrated, and I had her ask her butler (cause we’re rich like that) to give her a massage to relieve stress. Then, I got an evil idea. I decided I was going to Try For Baby with her butler. If it didn’t work the first time, fine. But if it worked, I was about to have the most epic game ever. Well, as you can guess, she got knocked up. But that’s not where the drama ends.

I invited her boyfriend back, and had her propose to him right in front of her butler. The best thing was that the butler couldn’t reach my sim to accuse her of cheating, so I got to keep her reputation clean and break up with the butler myself. So now, my household consists of my sim, her husband, her love child with the butler, who still works there, and the legitimate child of her and her husband. I can’t wait to stir up some more drama lol.

The End

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