Why My Hair Makes Me Feel GoodMature

One of the most trivial, yet talked about, topics in the female world is our hair. The length of it, the texture, the color, the style, whether or not it’s yours or not, and where exactly on your body it’s growing. As a woman, I have become aware of how much people can obsess over hair. Constantly, girls are wishing that their straight hair was curlier, their curly hair straighter, their short hair longer, and that those random hairs that pop up along your jaw line would stop coming back. We’re never satisfied with our hair, even after we’ve grown it out, dyed it, permed it, or sewn in someone else’s hair. But let me tell you why my hair makes me feel good.

It is not because of the length. My hair is not very long and I am okay with that. Neither is it because of the texture. Whether I had kept my naturally coily texture or straightened it that would not make me proud. It’s not even the color of my hair, thought I do admittedly love it. Never will I dye my natural honey wheat colored locks, the color many have complimented me on. None of these things make me feel good. No, what makes me feel good is my bang.

It’s that small section of hair that I purposely cut shorter than the rest.  The reason that bang makes me happy is because it is my choice. My hair doesn’t grow long naturally, and the texture and color are all genetics. That bang was the first choice I ever made on my hair, and it was a choice I made for my happiness. It wasn’t fueled by someone telling me it would look nice, or trying to impress a guy, or even some strange cultural pressuring. My bang is a reflection of what I like and what I want people to see me like. It’s self love. And that’s why my hair makes me feel good.

The End

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