Weird Things I Do (5)Mature

I have weird tendencies, as most of us do.

After I broke up with my first boyfriend ever, who was also my first long term boyfriend, things were not great between us. When he and I broke up, I don’t think he got the memo that that mean he had also broken up with my family. He was still clinging to my mom, and showing up at her work randomly, and calling her. It really bothered me because I didn’t want to be around him for a while when we first split, plus some other reasons I won’t talk about here, so I was really harsh with him eventually, and told him to never contact me or my family ever again when he wouldn’t disappear. Of course, this dude doesn’t completely stay away. He still makes random appearances for months after that occasionally, and my mom would not jump on board with isolating him, so I was really pissed with him for the entirety of my senior year.

Eventually he did stop contacting my mom, but not before trying to make amends with me. He was going out of state to go work at Cedar Point for the summer, and wanted to see if we could be friends before he left. His attempt was pretty pathetic, so even though I did talk to him once before he left, I made it pretty clear that I didn’t really like his proposal for friendship. So the summer was ex-boyfriend free. Then, right before I started my first semester of college, I went to Cedar Point with my church. The entire ride there, I wasn’t really excited about going, and I didn’t understand why. Then we drove through the first arch of the amusement park and I was super excited. I hadn’t been to Cedar Point in a long time and I loved roller coasters! Then my mood instantly went down.

I finally remembered that my ex worked there.

I wasn’t really mad as much as I was amused and worried. I hadn’t talked to him in months and I still wasn’t really ready to be friends, and this was not the ideal situation to be in if we were going to reconcile. I pushed aside my anxiety and tried to enjoy myself. The chances of seeing him in that big park were so slim. The first thing I did was go to the very back of the park with this girl I met on the bus ride over, and she and I had gotten almost to the very front of the line when I saw something strange. This guy, who was sitting in a roller coaster cart that had just come back, was touching this girl’s head in a strange way. I couldn’t see his face from where I was, so I leaned around the person in front of me to see if his facial expression could explain why he was being so weird. Then I saw the face of my ex.

I have never panicked or hidden so fast in my life.

I said before I hated seeing people I know in public. The level of my discomfort was 100 times worst in this situation. I hid behind the person in front of me until he and the girl finally got out and walked away.

Later I did contact my ex and told him I had seen him, and we were okay again. That day seeing him let me see that most of my anger with him had disappeared, but damn, was it awkward. This is my life.

These are the weird things I do.


The End

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