Weird Things I Do (4)Mature

I have weird tendencies as most of us do.

Nicknames are super important to me.

It honestly is a way of distinguishing how close I am to someone and what are relationship is like. I notice when people say my name apprehensively or with a certain tone. I might not make a big deal right then, but I do make mental notes that they obviously are comfortable with or fond of me. Then there are people who I hang with who will only call me by my first name, even if everyone else we’re both friends with uses my nickname. It makes me wonder if they don’t feel very close. I also have multiple nicknames that I categorize.

So my first name is Camera, if you didn’t know. My cutesy nickname, Cammie, is only for people who knew me when I was a kid, and my closest friends, otherwise I’ll internally scowl at you if you use it. My silly nickname, Kodak, is sort of just for my peers. Anyone I went to school with really. My preferred nickname, Cam, is really for people I’m close too. My best friends, family, and the people I like. Maybe, I’m just insane.

These are the weird things I do.


The End

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