Weird Things I Do (3)Mature

I have weird tendencies, as most of us do.

So last year was the first time I got to vote. I was actually able to vote early because they were offering the option to cast an absentee ballot at a location in my area. My mom dragged me there with her so I wouldn’t have to wait in line on election day. There were quite a few people there so we had to wait for a while. And then my awkward kicked in.

I saw this guy in sunglasses stand up from where they were passing out ballots and look my way. At first, I was just questioning why he was wearing sunglasses, in late October, indoors, but then I was noticing other things. His skin tone, his height, his facial features, and it drew me back to those sunglasses that were on his face. Sunglasses that I had definitely seen before, on a face that I had definitely seen before, of a guy I definitely knew. I recognized this guy after 5 seconds, and quickly panicked.

He wasn’t actually anyone I should hide from. He was the friend of my ex-boyfriend, someone I had met before in person a couple of times, and actually had a poke war with on Facebook, which had been going on for months now. I also coincidentally thought he was attractive.

Maybe that’s why I looked away so damn quick and started blushing? Or maybe it’s the fact that I am super weird when it comes to seeing people I know out in public places. If we’re close friends and I see you, no big deal. I’ll run up to you and hug you and be a normal human being. But if we’re just classmates or acquaintances, I hide first, then contemplate if I should reveal myself and make small talk. I absolutely hate seeing people I know out in public.

These are the weird things I do.


The End

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