Weird Things I Do (2)Mature

This is a story from my senior year of high school.

There was this guy who liked me back then, who I wasn’t interested in at all. He was actually a sophomore, so even if I did have anything in common with him, it would have been pointless trying to start a relationship. But back to the point. Back in senior year, I was really trying to rediscover myself after I broke up with my first boyfriend, and part of that self discovery was trying to be more in the moment and saying how I felt.

This guy walked up to me one day in the hall and he was talking about nothing. He was honestly just chatting with me so he could try to strike my interest, and he kept pausing and staring at me with this look that was just…not welcoming lol. And I don’t know what came over me but I stared back for a second, then sort of halfway yelled:

"Why are you staring at me? Stop! It’s like…creeping me out…"

Towards the end of my little outburst I realized what I had said, and wanted to take it back. I honestly wasn’t looking to hurt his feelings. I was just spontaneously honest that day. He surprised me though, and replied without even looking hurt:

"I guess that’s just what I do when I’m around a beautiful woman."

Oh Lord, I wish I could show you guys the face I made at that lol. Think mixture of shock and amusement. Then I just paused for a second and said:

"I’m…gonna walk away now, okay? Okay."

These are the weird things I do.


The End

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