Weird Things I Do (1)Mature

I have weird  tendencies, as most of us do.

I learned this term in my Intro to Shakespeare class my first semester in college. Medias res which means “in the middle of things." It was used in Shakespeare’s work to say when we were introduced into a story in the middle of an already progressing plot. Well I use it all the time.

Walking down the street, if I see someone who I know is going to stop me to talk, and what they are about to say is going to either a) put me in a bad mood, b) make me forget was I was on my way to do, or c) just overall waste my time, I’m always chanting in my head: Medias res, medias res, medias res. As if they’re Swipper from Dora the Explorer, and they’ll suddenly stop walking towards me if I think hard enough. 

I’ve accidentally mumbled it aloud once. I’m waiting for the day that I say it loud and clear and have people stare at me confused.

These are the weird things I do.


The End

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