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Three people lay chained up on a weird brick and metal floor with all kinds of cables running back and forth to various mechanical analytical machines. Archs of electricity run back and forth from various containers containing frothing boiling glowing coloured fluids.

The three people were dressed in somewhat odd outfits. One person was dressed in Disco Pants, Disco Shirt, had an Afro--but also had glow sticks as jewelry around him, and a plastic soother on a plastic beaded chain around his neck. Another person had a mullet/pompadore mixture with blue slacks, a denim jacket and an ABBA t-shirt. The third was dressed in a Nirvana "Nevermind" t-shirt, a skort with Grover from the Muppets all over it and thigh high women's nylon stockings undernear, with Nike sneakers over those. The third was wearing a baseball cap with the words "Who shot JR?"

Two people in hoods, capes and tight fitting jump suits were on either side of the three people. The outfits were purple in colour, including the hoods. They had the logo of the special magical archanist sect of the Order of the Black Sun on the collar of the jumpsuit. The hoods obscured their face--and made it look like a black void when looking into the hood.

A chubby preteen girl with a mustache and a meth pipe walks in. She was wearing the special Fuhrers Uniform of the Order of the Black Sun. It involved a brown pleaded skirt that came down to an inch over her knees. Black wool knit thigh high stockings. A brown button up shirt with short sleeves. As well as two red gloves that rolled over at the wrist. Her top was undone entirely, showing she wasn't wearing a training bra.

The Hitler Clone addresses in German the three people on the floor of this Order of the Black Sun ship between Earth and Mars (Planet Mars, not Barsoomian Mars), "So--who are we to be snooping around where they don't belong?"

One of them answers in a weird dialect of German that was nearly unintelligable for mixing of generations of slang being used (including some unknown to anybody currently), "We are just normal tourists doing the tourist thing. We didn't mean to go off the tour."

The Hitler Clone furls her lip and looks very unimpressed, "tours? Tours!? Toooours?! Which tour did you happen to get lost from?"

The one that was talking continued, "oh--just the standard tour that tourists take. We got lost, and are not from here--we are deeply sorry, if you could just redirect us to the tour group,and we'll not cause more issues."

The Hilter Clone barks in a manner that people only told her made her look more frightening but had her looking somewhat adorable, "WE ARE ON A SPACE STATION BETWEEN EARTH AND MARS! THERE ARE NO TOURS THAT COME NEAR HERE!"

The three whisper in amongst each other. The one with the pompador mullet speaks up, "I don't know what you mean to accuse us of. We are just ordinary people of this time. We do not hold any malice or other intent. We just got a little lost."

"A LITTLE LOST?!?! A LITTLE LOST?!?!? Making a wrong turn in Brussels and ending up in France is a little lost. We are 75 million kilometers from the nearest tour group."

The other two in the group start trying to do math on their fingers. The pompadored one continues, "With a standard A-Class nebula drive that would be piece meal to go, though."

The Hitler Clone levels her gaze to the one that brought that up, "The A-Class Nebula Drive is something the Space Jews use on their craft. Saying that would usually be a good way to get you three killed."

They all whisper between each other. The one with the Nevermind t-shirt replies, "Did we sad A-Class Nebular Drive... we meant... uh... uh.. an Atomic Rocket that normal people drive."

The Hitler Clone walks away and to the wall, "Listen Time Inspectors... you can drop the act. Just let us know where you stowed your time machine so we can drop you off at it. We will supervise you until you can get there."

The one in the raver disco get up responds, "What ever do you mean--we are just simple people of this era. Time travel is not something we enforce on any amount."

The Hitler Clone comes over, kicks that one in the face. It doesn't really do much the first time. She kicks him in the face again three more times without it doing more than bruising him a little. The fifth time, one of the archanists wiggles their fingers to have him fly back a little bit. The Hitler Clone squats down over this ones' face, "Look, you've obviously done a terrible job researching the current time period. I've seen furry internet porn that is more accurate to the Third Reitch than your get ups. In fact--I'm getting an idea for how I can relieve myself of stress regarding this current situation."

The Hitler Clone lifts up her skirt, and pulls her panties down... and then starts to pee on this time police member. She finishes up, "I would do a number two... but I had already gone to the bathroom when I was informed of a trio of bumbling time inspectors on one of my craft in my Order of the Black Sun fleet."

She pulls her underwear back up. Walks back over to the other two. "I'm not buying this anachronistic bullshit you guys are selling. Tell us where your time machine is, so we can escort you back to it--or I'll have these two archanists deal with you."

The three time police continue to stick with the notion that they are not inface time police--even though they totally were. Hitler signals the archanists to do what they would with them. The two archanists put the three time police into an airlock and jetison them.

An archanists asks the Hitler Clone, "We were not going to let them get to their time machine were we?"

The Hitler Clone replies, "We would have escorted them to their machine--and then shot them before they could leave with it."

The End

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