Time Police Arrest That ManMature

I was out getting groceries today. I had been requiring much more food than usual. I was living in a small one bedroom apartment with myself, a sentient shrub and a recently unemployed... demon? Succubus? She was with me while grocery shopping. She wasn't wearing any clothing--but that had somehow became okay. The notions of "what was proper to wear" had kind of changed now that the Preternatural Creatures had became public knowledge.

This didn't mean you could play with your genitals in public. That was held on par with picking your nose, or your ears. Yeah--we all did it. Some pretended they didn't do it. Nobody really did it out in the open though. I was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt that my breasts poked out from the front of, underneath the cotton of the t-shirt.

I was eyeing some cantelopes when a man wearing a female flapper outfit with a flock of seagulls haircut walked up to me and started pestering me, "Groovy, my radical bro bro."

Was it a vampire trying to hit on me, by acting like he was too old to understand collequial terms anymore?

He continued, "My main homey, it might seem uncool to squeal against the narc. It is completely okay. It don't make you a square, my groovy homeboy."

A woman walks up--she was wearing a Red Skins uniform, and was carrying a cricket wicket around. "This guy seems quite trust-able. I vouch he is cool as duck! Only losers would run from tell him what is the 411 dealie-yo."

The guy continues, "Have you seen anything suspicious lately?"

I look up and around. There was a couple Harpy over in the bread aisle looking at the shelf content with the utmost fascination. A Centaur was in a fierce argument with the Butcher. A minotaur was in the milk aisle examining the best before date on milk--and poking her utter with an inquisical look on her face.

I reply to him, "could... you be more specific?"

The guy shifts his eyes around to look at what is occurring. Then looks at me. Looks at the girl in the baseball outfit. Nods to her. "No.. no... it is all hunky dory explorer... the bag is filled with dead cats..."

They both walk away. A mother grabs her kids arm, "No! I told you no! You are getting a time out, little mister!"

The man in the flapper dress and woman in the baseball uniform pull out some kind of weird device, with some kind of symbol appearing in front of them. "NOBODY MOVE! TIME POLICE! THIS IS A RAID SANCTIONED BY FUTURE PRECINT 8-67-5231"

Well, a few of the tellers thought it was a raid--and had started initiating the standard store robbery routine. Within moments the store was surrounded by the police swat team. Everybody but the Time Police were on the ground. The Time Police were pointing devices that were making blooping noises.

The local police then show up, take down the two oddly dressed people. Everybody was in questioning. The two oddly dressed people were insisting they were time police, and that the police had blown their cover.

That was the fifth incident caused by these future assholes coming back in time to try to police the Time Line. Honestly, they don't know the first thing about where they are going. Cause more problems than anything else.

The End

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