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It has been a while since I've been here to do this... and that is due to me not doing proper time management. Also... I kind of had a hole in my foot due to not wearing proper foot wear. Either way... I am not returning from a haitus left off on a succubus entry to return to another succubus entry. Believe it or not, I consider those ones boring.

The world of this Monster Girls story has already been established to a certain degree. It is pretty much like this one... except somebody managed to find a leaked government document on Wikileaks that had nothing to do with any issues in melting Steel at various burning temperatures and rates.

The treaties involving the Preternatural species were formed with the world governments during the first world war... or rather just afterwards. It was this war that indicated how terrible various wars can and will become. Various Preternatural creatures ended up coming forward to the newly formed League of Nations... which noticed how the world handled various groups of people who are human--and figured keeping these creatures a secret was for the best.

The Victorian Mindset of "pretend there isn't an issue" moved in with how Atomic America later handled things of, "look like everything is good, and it will be good" resulted in them setting it up so the Preternatural creatures were not to be acknowledged as there. The Preternatural Creatures agreed with this concept on the grounds they generally viewed themselves as better than the humans--and the humans not worthy of their notice.

The League of Nations ended up dissolving with the onset of the second great war--but the newly formed United Nations was quick to pick up the "hide the Preternatural Creatures" motions. Especially since acknowledging them would distract from the various countries comprised of people of darker skin colours in the humans holding any level of power in the United Nations. The Preternatural Creatures generally considered themselves better than the humans, and thus agreed. As they didn't want the humans all in there stuff.

During the 1950s various promotional materials were created should the various Preternatural Creatures ended up wishing to do forms of cultural exchanges with the humans. A tactic that was put into place should the Soviets force various Preternatural Creatures into working with them. Presumably via the Psionic Mind Control experiments the countries allied with the USA claimed the Soviets were doing. When they mostly were just figuring out, "how to make certain people eat, and how to keep up with the Americans industrial complex despite being in the feudal age just a couple years prior."

The Americans were not all that overly successful with their Psionic Mind Control experiments--as people can easily see in their wikileaked documents... that hold some connection to the melting point of Steel and the matter of structural integrity with Steel at various high temperatures.

The accords dealing with the Preternatural Creatures were mostly discovered when people trying to prove the Royal Family are Lizard People (turns out they never were... Queen Victoria DID have some affairs with Lizard People... but Queen Victoria had all kinds of affairs. King Henry VIII did not have any affairs with Lizard People, however). The managed to find some correspondance Winston Churchill had regarding the Preternatural Creatures. Which mostly had the Preternatural Creatures unknown about by the populace in large--as they took it as proof the Royal Family were Lizard People.

However, this single document that generally was unknown amongst a group of people who believed anybody who disagreed with them were paid shills, and didn't actually read the pages they linked when arguing online. As they just listened to the sound bytes and linked materials that were beyond their ability to read and understand. Mostly via blogs that rehashed the same sound bytes and slogans they'd all learned to acknowledge as the proof that blog was a good resource.

It was mostly during an argument in which somebody was using Hanlon's Razor to argue that pilots being trained to put Jet Streams in the atmosphere is kind of silly concept to believe. That a blog that linked to the Winston Churchill correspondance was given, and somebody clicked the link, and the Winston Churchill correspondance didn't 404, 302 incorrectly or 500 when attempted to view.

Yeah... turns out, often the documents given as proof tend to 404, 302 incorrectly or 500 for the most part. Which is used as proof of a conspiracy and not so much incompetence.

The person read the Winston Churchill correspondence and posted how it was weird (though the conclusion it was about the Royal Family was weak). Which resulted in somebody else finding a weird notion of treaty documents written in Latin that were actually completely out in the open. Which the various mistranslations of Latin lead to various issues in people knowing this happened.

If anything, it was a group of Preternatural Species finding that people found those documents... who were generally bored and wanting to talk with humans. Though--this didn't work out easily--and there was bickering in amongst the Preternatural Species that resulted in them going to United Nations to help deal with.

Which sparked an interested for the people who mistranslated the treaty Latin documents when the document was leaked.

The release of Preternatural Species was weird wonky and generally awkward.

This is just the Earthbound Preternatural Species. There are plenty of aliens that got introduced to humans in another way... and the Preternatural Species that only existed after the use of the Atomic Bomb.

In the case of Extra-Terrestials it mostly has to do with the fact that we all assume that when humans finally make it into space and become a space fairing race, there will be no cultures or civilisations left behind. Or that any cultures left behind would be fully aware they were left behind by another group of humans making it into space.

Turns out that humans have already made it into space--a few times. Though--some of them have resulted in the colonies dying and the success in the space race leading to a collapsed civilisation in space. Which is generally fatal to the humans in that collapsed civilisations. The Incans, Ancient Vedas and what not are all space fairing races that collapsed due to how civilisations tended to fizzle out and break. Even when they are not already in space.

However, one successful attempt to get into space did not fizzle out. Genghis Khan and his hoards valued intelligence. Genghis Khan wasn't smart himself--but generally knew that other smart people could give him some really nice toys. One morning he woke up, pointed at the Sun, and said, "we are conquering that"

It took a little while for his generals to realise he was talking about the Sun, and not the East, due to Genghis Khan still being drunk from the previous night and their dialect generally lacking the ability to easily describe space travel. Eventually he got his point across and got his intelligent people to figure out how to get him and his hoards into "the Ether".

This is something that nobody figured out until the Third Reich, Americans and Soviets started to get into space themselves. The Third Reich ended up fighting a war on three fronts--which was the actual reason they had issues with the Soviets. This resulted in the Third Reich moving into the Order of the Black Sun... a group that's existence was thought to be determined as fictional due to the discovery of Hitler's Skeletal remains after the fall of Soviet Russia.

The Order of the Black Sun, started a form of Space Race against the Ether Mongols that was a form of Cold War that parrallel that of the Americans and Soviets. With the Space Mongols being akin to the Americans and the Order of the Black Sun being akin to the Soviets. The confirmation of the Order of the Black Sun happened shortly after the existence of the Preternatural creatures was released, and the Extraterrestials having mentioned the Order of the Black Sun as well as The Ether Mongols. For the reasons they are wary about the Humans. The whole Vegetarian tendencies of the Incans lead to them destroying themselves... and the Vedas ended up destroying themselves via Hubris.

Most of what the humans understood as "UFOs" and "Extraterrestials" was mostly just junk from the previous "successes" humans did to get into space. As the true natural of the extraterrestials did not look human, and humans have issues accepting the existence of intelligent life that doesn't look like them.

The body of Hitler the Russians had was an early failed attempt to Clone Hitler. This was prior to realising that Adolf suffered from various chromosonal disorders, and was genetically a female... feminine. The Order of the Black Sun--studying the dark arts decided to allow the clones of Adolf to be allowed to be Feminine--claiming their fixing of the disorders that made her look masculine was a side effect of the Illumanisti and Zionists' attempt to corrupt the Aryan Uprising by making Adolf part Jewish.

The Order of the Black Sun was then lead by a thirteen year old female Hitler Clone with small chests. As the beauty standards of the Aryans held smaller chests and a childish look as more attractive for women. With larger breasts considered "gross" to look at. This due to beauty standards not really holding up with how the rest of the world ended up developing and going.

The Hitler Clones still kept the iconic mustache--mostly due to her not waxing her upper lip or shaving any of her body. The small growth of upper lip hair generally ended up matching the iconic mustache anyways.

Their method of having the new clones hold the knowledge as the previous ones involved a very messy idea of doing a cat scan of the current Hitler every week, and zapping the clone vats until their cat scans did similar results as the current living Hitler. It resulted in large vats of naked clones at various stages of childhood being zapped with electricity into open skulls. Typically if the current Hitler is injured or showing signs of exhaustion, the current Hitler's biomaterial is then recycled and a new Hitler is released from vats.

With the use of various drugs and chemicals to speed up the aging of Hitlers in the vats mixed with how growing in a vat really doesn't do good things for muscular development... it results in Hitler's biomaterial being recycled shortly after the cat scan to update the other clones.

This ontop of Hitler's Meth addiction... generally has lead to the Order of the Black Sun being quite remarkably successful in their cold war against the Ether Mongols. Despite being ridiculously far behind, technology wise.

The Ether Mongols mostly just float around space in metallic Ether Yurts being an actual threat towards any Extraterrestial Creatures they generally ended up encountering. Giving the offering of "join us, give us your smart people, or die"... and having a few ETs actually give them smart people.

The Ether Mongols have also managed to successfully enslave portions of the Lizard People. The ones not hiding underground on the Earth.

In regards to the various members of the Illuminati that were mentioned, the fall out of the Vedas Space Civilisation failing managed to affect a group of people following the Abrahamic God who figured out how to work the technology, as some of the equipment held a similar concept to the Rosetta Stone. These Space Jews (Etheric Hebrews?) ended up managing to create a form of Zion in the Heavens using this reverse engineered technology. Most Jews do not talk with them, as the Etheric Hebrews do not consider them kosher enough to join up with them. So most people of the Jewish faith just view people talking about Zionists as assholes.

It really doesn't help that most people talking about Zion are actually just racist assholes who do not know they've coincidentally landed on a similar topic.

Eventually the Zion in the Heavens determined that they need to work to bring the human race to the light--and named themselves as such. Well, the word they used was a Hebraic one, but they adopted the term that a racist gave them in the early twentieth Century... as Space Jews give zero fucks. The Etheric Hebrews ended up in alliance to the Reptilians and ended up working with them to help the humans on Earth understand such things like, "not being a douche to people based upon colour", "basic hygiene", "paying a living wage", "human rights" and what not.

Generally the various Extraterrestials have issues with Humans for these historic elements of the human space race. It generally has them filled with concern over these notions. They'd not care if we were just staying on the planet--but now that we've successfully left and been out there for a thousand years... they have concerns. As human issues seem to land on their laps quite often.

The earth bound Preternatural Species however just generally don't give any fucks and have gotten use to dealing with any of the human civilisations who haven't gotten into space with ease. Only having issues with one of the space fairing races... the Ether Mongols. The Order of the Black Sun really isn't a threat to any of them... and mostly just amuses them. Provided they keep a bit of distance during on of Hitlers worse episodes of... well... the psychological effects of her even actually existing in her form.

There is more to this world's history... but this gives you a decent update on various things that just exist here. Whether people know they do or not.

The End

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