Succubus, February 10th, 2016Mature

I was just waking up in the bed I fell asleep in last night. I went out to the club--and stuff happened. It is all a blur. My face was right next to a rather familiar leg. It was red and the ankle had some glyphs or something on it. I knew it wasn't mine, as my skin colour is not that definite and generally whatever the most relatable skin colour for what area I am currently interacting in with people. You see, I'm a very relatable person, and most people could probably easily see themselves in my position. My description is apt and quick... hair that--well when it isn't a mess can do godiva hair over my 32C cup breasts. Long legs--nice butt, cute smile, largish (maybe?) dick and not a thin waist--but you know, something you can expect a real person to have.

It really is hard for anybody to not relate to me--with just how generally relatable I am. I'm like a character in those fantasy and romance novels designed to let anybody put themselves in my role. I've found it has been very good for interacting with people.

I'm still catching my bearings to figure out where I am. Apparently my drool is on this girl's ankle. Who then wakes up all dizzy. "oooh... where am I... I'm not on the clock am I?"

The girl sits up, her skin is red all up and down her body. Well, except her genitals, which are black around that area. Her hair is a nice bright blonde. Her chest seems to be antigravity giganto breasts. That would probably have her levitate off the bed--if I wasn't still on top of her. My crotch kind of in her face... resting on her chest? I still don't know where all my body parts are, okay?

"Wait... how... how was I summoned?" She said groggily.

"I think I met you at the club last night?"

"Oh... well... do you remember the name I gave?"

"Uh... not really--not that it is important for a?"

"Succubus... I'm a Succubus. A member of Succubus Ltd, and most certainly not a member of the competition company (that is actually a different company, don't think otherwise). Call me Tiffany."

Oh right--apparently there was an antitrust lawsuit against the legions of hell. Suggesting that having them be a single company or group generally created an anti-trust situation. That is a monopoly. That they get in the way of other groups of forms of vile evil creating a great opposition to human kind. That they've been actively interfering with independant ventures warring against the heavens.

They say that the only people that win in a lawsuit are the lawyers. This lawsuit is kind of putting that to a test. Though it feels like if a bunch of arms dealers just started selling weapons between each other, and not to people who'd use them. To make a form of artificial economy.

Mind you, I'm not one to watch Kyuubey News, which apparently has a different interpretation of things. Kyuubey News is essentially Fox News bought out by Kyuubey. They still run the same news, but all the news anchors are fox demons who generally have issues reading the news and not laughing. They generally don't cut much of the laughter out of the news reels. Apparently, it is found as an even more trustworthy news organisation as a side effect... somehow.

"As a Succubus, named Tiffany, which I've totally established here--and not somebody being punished to work for a farce company. Not that Lust Demons are a farce company (don't think that). I must ask... what night club did we meet up at?"

I look at her, "you... don't remember either, do you?"

"I... I remember a couple things. My memory is a bit foggy... I wouldn't mind uh... confirming a bit of information about it."

Her hand grabs my thigh and lifts me up, so my pelvis is in the air. She comments, "well... that memory is accurate."

She then asks a series of questions--and uh, some of them required demonstrations. Either way--it was very much not morning by the time we ended up getting dressed after getting up off the couch in the living room. We did wake up on the bed. So uh, there is that.

Wanda... my House Slave Shrubbery that I managed to get via making a somewhat silly Amazon Wishlist that had somebody buy this entry on it for me, had managed to make both of us breakfast. Fun fact: nearly all of the House Slave Shrubberies end up getting named Wanda. Just a really weird factoid.

We eat... and apparently, a fire appears above her wrist. Her boss phones her, and tells her that she is late for work again. Today is Saturday. "Uh... you two woke up on Saturday... it is now Sunday night."

"You were watching?" I asked the wrist flame.

"Mmmmm-hmmm... and I can say, I'm impressed. I'm debating drafting you to train the local succubus for their jobs. Don't summon me... I'll summon you."

Then in a weird burst of darkness and flame, Tiffany--who has been established as a Succubus and not being punished for being bad at her job by being part of farcical company Lust Demons--as Lust Demons is an actual competitor (don't think that)--ended up disappearing.

With my underwear... that--

The End

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