Kaya: Decisions

It seemed that last night, through to this morning, we'd been letting out all the pent up feelings through many means. And for once, it wasn't mostly talking.

As Eddie pushed me up against the wall of the shower, I gave a small shriek as the heated water ran out and icy droplets rained down on our bodies. Eddie just laughed at me, and pulled me out of the less-steamy cubical.

'Towel.' I stammered, rubbing my arms.

'Why? I've seen it all before.' Eddie leered. I glared at him, and he shrank back; handing me a towel reluctantly.

'I'm cold. That's your fault, that is. Using up all the hot water. We can barely use it anyway. You should have used cold water.'

'Alright miss-boss-a-lot.' He puffed out his cheeks and walked back to the bedroom, he sat down on the disheveled bed, which was, much to Eddie's distaste, very much rumpled from last night. So my husband who doesn't like mess, got to tidying it up. I rolled my eyes and pushed him down.

'You said "later."' I have him a devilish grin as I pinned his arms down.

'But--' I silenced the man with a strong kiss, his arms wound around my waist and he flipped our places, ripping off my towel swiftly.  And the events of last night were repeated.

Several times.


'Car!' I sat up on the even-messier bed.


'You stole that persons card, right? Let's buy a car with that! In fact, let's just go nick all their money, then burn their wallet! C'mon!' I said eagerly, Eddie looked up at me groggily. Unlike me, Eddie was usually very tired after a good spot of -as my grandpa always put it- bed exercise.

'I don't know his pin.'

'Huuuuh? But your good at hacking stuff, right? Right?' I pressed.

'Yes, but sadly, we have no internet because, sadly again, we are lacking in the money department.'

'You don't need internet to hack a card, right?'


'Booooooooo. Then to the bank it is.'

'But we'll get caught.' Eddie sighed at my foolishness, 'we should buy a new house first. Somewhere deep in the city, so post codes are closer together and harder to find.'

'I would have put it the other way round, it'd be harder for them to get to and to find a house in a extremely rural area.' I retorted.

'True, and it would take them longer to track us down...'

'See? Rural is better. Plus we could get land and grow our own food and sheep.'

'Did you just say grow our own sheep. ' Eddie snickered, patting my head, before pulling my back towards his chest. He rest his head on my shoulder and kissed the side of my neck.

'I didn't mean it in that context!' I huffed.

'So new house first it is.' Eddie grinned, stroking my hair.

'I think you'll find it's bank first.'

'We'll get caught.' Eddie insisted.

'Not if my poor old uncle died and he left his card to us in his will. It wont take two seconds to come up with a fake one, Eddie.' I said evilly. Eddie just nodded along.

We're actually going to do this... I need to be mentally prepared.

The End

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