Eddie: Problems

I smiled as I turned the shower on, glad to hear the water fall. I hadn't wanted to leave Kaya, especially under the circumstances but I needed to think things through.

I had only told her that I had everything planned so that she wouldn't worry. We had to do this; we needed the money desperately. But how?

There was no way we could pull this off. We didn't have the space. We couldn't keep someone locked up in our place. Especially not with our nosy neighbours.

I got into the shower, my mind racing. We needed money to do this. I was panicking. I took a deep breath and let the boiling water wash over me.

Suddenly I heard a noise from behind me as Kaya approached. "You left me." She said, taking her shirt off. "That isn't like you."

I turned to face her. "And you're being affectionate. That isn't like you." She slipped into the shower, kissing me. "But I love it." I said into her lips.

"Are you sure about this Eddie?" she asked, looking into my eyes. I nodded and we kissed again.

She was being so nice to me. I couldn't lie to her.

"We need a new place." I said, breaking apart the embrace.

"And a new car." she added, nodding. I nodded back, pulling her back into the embrace.

"Do you feel less rejected now?" I smiled into her. We kissed again, feeling better. "We just need a better plan. And more money. We'll figure something out." Our embrace continued.

"Later." I whispered.

The End

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