I grinned as I pulled my husband back towards me, I think he was intending to tell me his plan, but I knew it would be all times and dates and places - Not exactly what I want to be hearing on a Sunday morning.

But, whatever he was going to tell me, he forgot - or at least decided to put it off for a while as he wound his arms around my waist. As much as I hate to say it, I forgot how good Eddie was at kissing(and other things).

It felt like it did in our first few months living together, there wasn't a moment when we were inside that we weren't in a tight embrace. But this kidnapping deal was bigger than any job we'd ever done. It was going to be hard, and who were we going to do it to? Plus the fact that our car... well, let's just say it's not the best for a fast get away. Or any driving at all. It's constantly breaking down, or running out of gas at the very last minute; so much so that we've just gone and given up on it. SO now it just sits in the driveway, rusting slowly, taking a good old battering from the elements.

'Kaya?' Eddie mumbled from my neck. He must have noticed my distracted attitude.

'No... nothing.' I smiled, kissing his forehead.

'Hmm...' Eddie paused as reached the first button of the shirt which I had shoved on while following him to the bathroom, I waited patiently for him to do so. 'I'm going to take a shower.'

'Huh?' I was quite taken aback by this.

'I'm taking a shower.'


'Because it's morning.'

'Yeah but...'

'Hmm?' Eddie gave me a wide smirk as he left the room, I was shocked. Eddie, Eddie the wimp who's too afraid to stand up to me was leaving me on the bed... to take a shower.

I glowered at the door and pursed my lips. But, seriously thinking about it. How the hell were we going to pull of a kidnap?

The End

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