Kaya: I Forgot This

I was feeling a little out of character after Eddie planted that rather passionate kiss on my lips. Although I didn't blush, my heart was pounding inside my chest quite, quite hard.

I smiled at him, showing my teeth, it was one of those proper smiles. Those happy one's that you only smiled at the ending of a really romantic film, or kittens. I love kittens almost as much as I love... Eddie. But the question was, is this love? I don't even know what love is, but I'm pretty sure this is it. Like, I'd drink poison for him? I know t's a bit extreme but I don't know...

Eddie silenced my jumbled up thought stream with anther kiss. I pursed my lipsa s we broke apart and smiled my full-tooth smile again.

Even though Eddie was one of those guys who loved affection, and made it a prominent part in our relationship, and I was one of those people who rejects it when they see fit... it kind of worked out okay.

A comfortable silence filled the room, the only sound our breathing and the annoying yapping of the dog next door. I had a sudden urge to laugh, but fought it and I'm quite sure that my lips were twitching under the strain. It was like when we only just moved in together, and everything was very awkward because of the whole "only one bathroom" thing, and bedroom... not that we hadn't slept in the same bed before.

I was getting all hyped up, and I didn't know why


'Oh! I'm cool.'


We sat, shifting our weight on the bed as we pondered over what to do next.

Eddie seemed to hesitate before cupping my chin and bringing my face back to his own and he pushed me over, much to my surprise.

After that we did something we hadn't done in a very long time. It's like I'd forgotten all about it.


The light poured in through the window and I opened my blurry eyes. Eddie's voice was my morning greeting.

'Hey, Kaya. I've got an idea...'

The End

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