Eddie: Overdue

She stormed off into the bedroom, clearly upset by what I had said. I felt myself getting emotional but before I started to show any physical signs, I splashed some water from the tap in my face, scratching my head as I tried to figure out what to do.

I walked over to the bedroom, knocking on the door.

"Kaya." I murmured. "Can I come in?"

I pressed my ear against the door, trying to listen to her to figure out what she was doing.

"Go away." She hissed.

"Kaya, please." I knocked again, wanting her to let me in before I had to barge in.

"Go away Eddie."

That was it. I turned the handle and pushed the door open, stepping into the room. She looked at me from her slump on the bed and snarled. "What did I say Eddie?" She still seemed pissed but I sat next to her anyway, wanting to make amends.

"I'm sorry for ever doubting you Kaya." I placed my hand on hers, something that she seemed a little hesitant about allowing. "And I'm sorry for being so angry lately. It isn't fair on you."

She picked herself up a little, sitting on the bed cross-legged. "Yeah." She mumbled under her breath.

"It's ok." I pulled her into a hug, trying to remember the last time we had just been there for each other. "I love you, Kaya."

I kissed her gently on her cheek, holding the hug for longer than she seemed comfortable with. "I'm sorry Eddie." She whispered.

"Don't worry. We'll sort this out." I broke the hug off to see my wife smiling at me and it made me so happy.

"Thank you for marrying me." I smiled, still holding her hand.

She giggled slightly, holding my hand tightly. I looked deep into her eyes, feeling terrible for having dragged her into this life. "I promise that I will make everything better."

She leaned over to me and we kissed, a proper loving kiss, for the first time in so long. I stroked her hair gently, trying to keep it going for as long as possible. When we finally broke apart, she smiled at me - a smile that I hadn't seen in a long time.

I kissed her, happy again.

The End

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