Kaya: Only You

To be honest, it was in the spur of the moment that I decided to have another run away. But this time, this time I wasn't gonna go back.

He would have to deal with life himself! I was going to move back home. With my family.

I smiled at the thought, only a little hesitant seeing as they hadn't heard from me for, what? three years?

I flipped open my phone and scrolled down for the number that was no longer on speed dial, once again, I hesitated to pressed the call button. But I sucked in my breath and thrust an angry finger onto it.

Peep peeep. peep peep.


'Um, hi. Sorry mum, it's Kaya--'

'I'm sorry, who?' It was a man's voice. Not a womens.

I froze, 'is MrsEvans in?'

'Mrs-- ohh. No, sorry. They moved out of this house a little under six months ago. I'm afraid I don't know ther current number, though--'

'No. It's fine.' I hung up, slumping against the wall. It seemed Eddie was my only family now, huh?

I shuddered. They didn't even tell me their new address. My own family just forgot about me. I stared up at the house, Eddie must be worried, right? He's always panicking when I storm out. I laughed softly at the events of today. I'm such a child.

I let out a exasperated sigh and turned on my heel back to the house. It seemed I'd been doing this a fair bit lately. So pathetic.

'Eddie?' I called in a quiet voice. It shook a little, and I gave a small jump as the door swung open. Eddie stood there looking severely pissed. I gulped.

'Get in.'

I did as I was told, not sure how to process Eddie's new found strictness.

'If you keep doing this, Kaya, we'll have to break up.' This time it was his turn for his voice to shake.

'You wouldn't do that.' I mumbled, desperately fighting back tears.

'Oh? And why's that?' He asked angrily.

'Because you love me.'

This caught him out, and he paused for a second, then his face transformed into a stony expression, it was all hard lines and angles. None of the softness that was usually there.

'And what's the point in staying with someone who doesn't love me back!'

'Who ever said I didn't love you!'

'Well, you!'

I froze, 'I never said that.' I growled.

'Exactly. Never once for two years have you said you loved me.' Eddie snarled back, I flinched, I had never seen this man so angry before in my life.

'Yeah, well. I do. To be honest, Eddie.  I do. So don't go making things up by yourself. I only love you, so if you don't believe me, think about why I've stayed with you and your messed up life for so frikin' long!' I burst out, storming into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.

The End

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