Kaya: Argument

I walked back up the steps to the front door, my head hung low, and my cheeks flushed. I never want to recall such a embarrassment ever again.

'Kaya! Your home! How'd it... go...' His bright, and delighted voice trailed off as he took in the expression that has crawled over my face, 'oh... Kaya...'

I felt my bottom lip begin to tremble and I knew if I looked Eddie in the face, my tears would give me away, so I yanked the bobble out of my hair and let the locks hide my face as I pushed him out of the way so I could charge inside.

I dashed into our bedroom and did a face-plant onto the bed in a extremely childish manner. I heard the door creak, and I pushed my face further into the pillows.

'Go away!' Came my muffled cry.

'Kaya, what did you do?' Eddie asked carefully.

'I didn't do anything! They thought I was bad at being a waitress!' I yelled, though it didn't come out quite as loud as I would have wanted it to, because of the whole "my head is smushed into the pillow" thing.

'What did you do?' He repeated.

'Your an idiot! A complete twat if you think I'd be able to get a job! Go away!' I mumbled immaturely, ignoring he previous question completely. I felt him sit next to my head on the bed,

'Kaya, look, we can't keep breaking the law to get hold of money. So getting a job seemed like a logic idea.' He explained, I peeked out at him from my post at the pillow.

'But why couldn't you have gotten a job, not me?' I whined.

'Because, Kaya, you need to learn how to deal with problems yourself! You can't depend on me for the rest of our lives!' He snapped, which is unlike Eddie. Eddie nevers snaps or talks back.

'You saying I'm too pathetic to get a job?!' Okay... I kind of just insulted myself, but Eddie couldn't come up with a snappy reply to that--

'Yes! Kaya, your getting lazy! I don't know what to do with you anymore! Just sort out your life!' He shouted, it seemed all the pent up emotions inside of him burst out in his rude speech.

'Get out! Go away! I hate you!

The End

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