Eddie: Waiting

'I'm going now.' She told me. I smiled knowingly, deciding not to nod.

Kaya seemed nervous, which was odd since she isn't normally like that. A thought flashed through my mind - give her confidence! But how? She was leaving and about to shut the door when I grabbed her and pulled her into an embrace, kissing her lovingly. I smiled to her as the door shut.

I just stood there, happy knowing that that one kiss would have given her some confidence. She had looked so lovely today - it must have been the first time that she had made an effort into what she looked like in, well maybe years. Other than picking those clothes from the shops, but that didn't count. I suppose since I chose her clothes for today, they didn't count either.

I looked down at my feet, wondering what I should do. The place was clean enough - it didn't really need any work done on it. It wasn't like I had a job to go to; I could send out more cvs, but what would be the point?

"I'm sure I've sent one to every single company in the area." I mumbled.

I decided to sit on the bed and lose myself in thought. After that lasted a grand total of two minutes before I got bored, I reached under my pillow and pulled out a tattered old photo of me and my Kaya - back in the day. It had been our first date and I had insisted on having our photo taken since I had seen it done in those romantic films that my sister had made me watch at home.

She looked so beautiful in the photo. I just looked scruffy and small. I gently kissed the photo, aiming for her face on it, before replacing it beneath my pillow. I wasn't sure if she knew that I still had it - we probably would have had an argument about it if she knew.

I sat there on the edge of the bed, thinking about my wife. I wanted to go back to the beginning again, back to when we were so happy. I missed that.

I just wanted someone to hold my hand, Kaya to hold my hand.

The End

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