Kaya: Off I Go

I frowned at rubbed at my forehead, Eddie had never been so upfront about his affections. Well, when we first got together he was. And so was I, for that matter.

And the fact that I was blushing. Was just so embarrassing! I glanced down at the items of clothing Eddie had placed next to me, I heard him rummaging around in the kitchen; so I knew he wasn't waiting outside the door.

I picked up the clothes with distaste, black skirt, white blouse, black stockings... nice. Totally not my sort of thing. But, seeing as he had obviously gone to the trouble of going through my clothings; new and old; I felt as though I should wear them.

I put them on, and scraped my hair back into a failed ponytail, the shorter strands of my short hair falling in front of my face. I shrugged, not bothering to look in the mirror and swung the door open, regaining my usual swagger.

'You look perfect.' Eddie smiled, I looked away... it was so odd that he could act the same after today, and all the shouts and door-slamming's that went with it.

'Of course I do.' I said loudly, flouncing into the kitchen for a glass of water, partly to hide the fact that I was really nervous. And, unfortunately, Eddie was oblivious to this fact and followed me in. I kept my back to him the whole time.

There was a knock on the door after a long awkward silence, and Eddie went to go check who it was.

'Your taxi is here!' Eddie called.

I took in a deep breath and smiled to myself, it was out of my character to be a nervous wreck. Maybe it was because our bank account was resting on this interview.

'I'm going now.' I told him, stating the obvious. He smiled knowingly.

Why was he smiling so much? Eddie hardly never smiles. Why was he smiling like that?! Just as I was leaving he pulled me back and kissed me before closing the door on me.

I stood there, slightly speechless. Way to go you twat, making me even more jittery than I already was!!

The End

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