Kaya: Agreement

'Um... what?' I froze, my face probably set into a sort of devastated expression.

'A job interview. They said they'd love to have you because they're short of staff.' Eddie smiled, putting a hand on my shoulder. I glared at it and he removed it, Eddie looked a little upset by my utter hatred of this idea.

'You remember the last job interview I went to Eddie?' I said slowly, 'we almost got caught out. You think I'm going to risk our lives like that again?'

I straightened up to my full height, I was much shorter than Eddie, but I could pull it off with a scary look on my face; much alike to the one that I was wearing at that moment.

'I know, but this one is much more low profile. It's just working at the local restaurant.' Eddie insisted, 'it'll be fine. Please, I'll find one too. We just need to get out of habit of stealing the money we need, Kaya, then it will all be okay...' Eddie paused, 'I'm sure.'

'You don't look sure.' I grunted, I cracked my knuckles and walked right past him, towards the kitchen. I saw him frown as I did so, and he followed me, leaning up on the door frame like I usually do; watching me.


'Not this again.' I sighed, 'Eddie. If it bothers you so much, I'll go to the damned interview!'

Eddie looked shocked, he wasn't used to me saying "yes" to things which involved me working or doing something productive for the both of us. He just sort of stood there, with his eyebrows level to his hair-line.

I started to get freaked out and waved my hand in front of his face, 'Eddie... Eddie!'

'Oh,' he laughed and scratched the back of his head awkwardly, 'your amazing! Thank you, Kaya!'

He beamed at me, genuinely happy. It was the first time in a long while such an expression had crossed his face. I felt a light blush spread over my cheeks and I turned around quickly, determined not to let him see such a face.

'Yeah, well, I guess I have to contribute sometimes.'

The End

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