Eddie: Lack of Potential

Kaya was soaking wet when she got in. Again.

"We can't afford to keep going outside. We'll run out of clothes soon." We both laughed, lightening the mood. She say beside me, looking at me. "I'm sorry."

I placed my hand on top of hers and held her chin up, staring into her eyes.

"It's ok, Eddie." she said softly.

"I can be better. Give me chance." I replied, leaning forward slightly.

She pulled back, clearly not comfortable. I frowned, getting up.

"So what are we going to do about this?" she asked, picking up the letter.

"I can be a better husband, Kaya." I wasn't going to drop this; I wanted to stand my ground for a change. "I know that we don't always get on that well, but, really,"

"Don't say it Eddie." she snapped. "Now this. Focus."

"No luck on the job front?" I asked, partly aware that I was going to get snapped at again.

"You know how that's going. They don't like people with criminal records. Even when they're as small as mine." She hissed.

I sighed, unsure what we could do.

"There is one thing we could do," I said, as reluctantly as possible.

The room was silent for only a few seconds, neither of us wanting to say anything.

"Well." Kaya was fiddling with her short hair.

"I don't want to either, if that counts for anything." I explained.


"So no." I finished for her, eager to end this conversation that I wished I hadn't started.

"Then what?"

Ring ring. The phone. Ring ring. We never got calls. Ring ring.

I raced through the apartment, grabbing the phone and answering the call at the last possible second.

"Hello?" I turned to see Kaya in the doorway, leaning on the wooden frame. "Yes. I'll pass on the message. Thanks. Goodbye."

"Well, what was that?" She looked slightly scared.

I ran over to her and picked her up in my arms, kissing her softly on her cheek.

"Problem solved."

"What?" she screamed happily.

"You got a job interview."

She didn't look as happy as I expected her to.

The End

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