I left the house without hesitation. And there was nothing  that was going to make me go back, except my possessions and maybe Eddie.

It was about half the way down the street that I realised that it was raining, and I was not only soaked to the bone, I was freezing cold as well. I grumbled as the raining thundered down on my head, wishing that I'd brought an umbrella with me.

As I stormed down the streets, a few thoughts flitted through my mind... like, if Eddie only wanted to keep me around so I wouldn't get into trouble, did that mean I was just a burden to him? I sighed, Eddie must like playing the big brother role rather than to loving husband.

Not that he ever played either of those anyway. Eddie's always been a bit distracted and quiet. So I was shocked when he popped out with those four words "will you marry me". And I was even more shocked when the word "yes" slipped out of my mouth.

But why did I say that? And why did he say that if all I was, was just something on the side that Eddie didn't really want, but kept anyway out of guilt or something?

It wasn't fun thinking of these things, nor was it fun to leave the house in my pyjama's when it was raining. But that's how life goes sometimes. Especially for Eddie and I, we've had it rough from the start, I guess.

I glowered at my reflection in a shop window, and scuffed my sodden trainers on the pavement... What Eddie had said, was I really that selfish and self absorbed? How can I be? I tidy up after myself, I've cleaned the house the odd time! Even when I buy clothes I sometimes get those hideous shirts he adorns so much. How is that selfish?

I puffed out my cheeks and cracked my neck. I swiftly turned on my heel and headed back to the house.

The End

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