Eddie: Empty

"I just got a letter from the bank." I muttered, throwing it over to her. "Have a guess what it says."

She skimmed the letter, looking up at me with a frown. "So..."

"We need money, and we need it quick. I mean," I exhaled, deep in thought. I took the young man's wallet from my pocket. "We've got this. About a hundred or so to keep us going for now, but."

"I'm sorry but where did you get that from?" She stood up defiantly.

"This is different. We both need this money!"

"It's always different when you do it, isn't it?" She had started shouting again. "I mean, when you break the law, it's fine. But when it's me, whole other matter. How is that fair, Eddie? How?"

"Because you can't go to prison." I mumbled, sure that she heard me.

"And why is that? What is it about me that you're so desperate to keep around?"

"You know why." I left the room, entering the kitchen and grabbing a glass that probably should have been washed a little bit more that I then filled with water. I wasn't really thirsty, just wanted a distraction.

"Don't you go walking away from me when we are talking. This is important, Eddie."

I turned to face her, sensing her closer than she normally ever came; she was practically pressing her face up against mine and it was intimidating to say the least. I moved away from her, backing up against the sink only for her to step forward again, boxing me in.

"It doesn't matter about me, does it Kaya? I mean..." I started, not sure if I should finish my sentence or not.

"What?" she screamed in my ear, making me wince.

"I mean, I clearly don't matter to you do I? All you do is what you want. Selfish, selfish, selfish. Me, me, me. It's like I'm not even here."

She slapped me, probably due to the fact that I did a really, really bad imitation of her.

"Don't you ever say that again." She knew how to be threatening when she wanted to be.

"You see, my dear Kaya, I care about you so much more than you do for me. Why am I here, you may ask."

"Well. Why are you here?" she asked, stepping away slightly.

"Because of you. Because I couldn't bare you getting into trouble without me."

"Oh so that's what you think of me, is it? I'd just get into trouble would I?"

Before I could explain myself, telling her that it was the 'without me' bit that was important, not the trouble bit, she slapped me again, storming off this time. She banged the door shut, weakening the hinges a little more.

I returned to the bedroom and picked up the letter from the bank. It was a statement for our account. It was empty. All out of money. We were in trouble. I considered going out and finding her but remembered what the weather was like and knew that she'd be back soon, so I just sat there, waiting for her.

The End

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