Kaya: Pondering

I froze, turning my head towards Eddie in a jolty manner.

'Take them back...?' I mumbled, not sure if I heard him right.

'Um... because...'

'Why? There's no reason to return them! I dropped the purse in the place where that women helped me up, so it's fine, right?' I cried and Eddie chaperoned me into the house, pulling off my cardigan as we went.


'No, Eddie. I'm keeping them. End of!' I snapped, grabbing my cardigan from Eddie's hands and shoving it on the radiator. Eddie opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it as I was irritated as it was.

I stared pulling off my soaking clothes in the kitchen and Eddie walked in, his cheeks flushed and he covered his eyes, 'Kaya! Don't get changed wherever you want! There is a bedroom!'

'I don't want to get the carpet wet!' I retorted, stalking out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. I dumped my clothes into the washing basket and pulled on some sweats. I sighed and sat on the edge of our bed.

I often wondered why Eddie "loved" me. I wasn't very nice on the inside, and I'm not perfect on the exterior either. But I should just go with you get what your given(but in a nice way) because it's not like I was able to even get married again with me messy record.

But then again, my slate was never going to be clean, was it?

'Kaya? You decent?' Eddie mumbled, knocking on the door.

'Idiot.' I snickered, rolling my eyes as he came into the bedroom. He had a very serene look on his face and my happy mood evaporated.

'I just got a letter from the bank.'

The End

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