Eddie knocked on the bathroom door,  'is there something you want to talk to me about?'

I opened the door and peeked through the gap, feeling a little guilty as I stared into Eddie's anxious face. I gave him a wider gap to see through, until I eventually opened it fully.

Eddie's jaw dropped as he took in the sigh.

'Um... surprise?' I joked feebly, giving him jazz hands. Eddie gulped and turned to me with a terrified expression on his face.

'How much did all of this cost?' He asked warily, gingerly fingering a pair of Abercrombie jeans. I saw his eyes rake over the items I had attempted to hide in the shower and bathtub.

'Every single piece of clothing added up all together?' I said slowly, trying to make my sentence last as long as possible so I wouldn't have to answer too quickly.

'Yes.' Eddie said a little faintly.

'£355.89." I mumbled.

'What? I didn't hear you.'

'£355.89!!' I shouted, I felt my face go a little red as Eddie opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish... speaking of which; I nearly bought a fish too...

'Why would you spend that much? How did you get that much?' Eddie whispered, his face had become pallid.

'A kindly women helped me pick up the contents of my bag when I was out for food... and my hand may have fell into her own bag and onto her purse...' I muttered immaturely.


'What?! We're criminals anyway, what does it matter! And let me remind you, Eddie, that we're criminals because of you!' I yelled, shoving my hands on my hips.

'Please don't say it like that, Kaya. I said I'm sorry...' Eddie said quietly.

'Why shouldn't I! You were the one who committed fraud to pay for our wedding!'

'And you were the one who wanted a big extravagant celebration!' Eddie shouted back. I was a little taken aback as Eddie hardly ever shouts. But I was too fired up to care.

'What do you expect! I'm a girl! You can't just go to a wedding in only jeans!' I screamed, throwing my hands in the air.

'It would have saved us the debt!'

'Well, we don't have any debt any more, do we? I was kind enough to pay off all our loans with that rich women's money! Be grateful!' I shrieked dramatically, 'I've had enough! I'm going out!'


'Just out!' I snarled, storming out of the bathroom. I flounced from the house, slamming the door behind me.

The End

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