Kidnap Couple

The story of a couple of criminals who kidnap someone in an attempt to save their relationship

The most annoying thing about getting money was that I had to go right into the centre of town. I had already walked all the way there and after seconds in the bank, I was done, another couple of quid in my pocket to help me get through the next week or so.

That was when it started to rain, utterly tipping it down. There was about a quarter of an hour of walking between me and that little flat that I call home and every single step was going to make me wetter and wetter.

"You hate me don't you?" I shouted to the heavens. "It was that last job wasn't it? Well I've already apologised - we didn't mean to hurt her."

As I stepped out of the shelter, I caught sight of a bus stop - salvation. But then I thought of my wife, my Kaya, and thought that we could use that money on something more substantial, like food.

I ruffled my hair a little, getting some of the water out. I could feel the water seeping through my old trainers, making my bare feet a little soggy. When the t-shirt that I was wearing started to get see-through then I decided it was time to run, halving the time it would normally take.

"Heya. Anyone home?" I yelled through the intercom, wondering if Kaya was in already and would save me some time breaking apart the entry system.

"Come on up," she replied, opening the door. Normally, I didn't need her but we were both out and we could only afford one entry key so I gave it to her - it didn't seem right keeping it to myself. I pushed open the door to our flat, getting slightly frustrated when it refused to move any further - the security chain was on.

"Kaya, would you open up for me?" I knocked on the door a couple of times, eager to get in and dry off. She appeared at the door and, seemingly reluctantly, let me in.

"Good day?" I asked, happier for having seen her.

She just nodded, wandering into our room. I considered following her in but thought that dealing with my dripping clothes was best for now. I put most of it in the kitchen to drip dry, throwing on some old clothes - nothing special.

"How much did you get?" She had snuck up behind me and made me jump, turning as I did so.

"Not a lot. Pretty much all we had as well. It isn't looking good."

"Oh." She walked off, clearly evading conversation.

"Something wrong?"

She just ignored me so I followed her, knocking on the bathroom door when I couldn't find her anywhere else.

"Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

She opened the door and I had a funny feeling that I wasn't going to like what she was going to tell me. I was right.

The End

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