Switch- first waveMature

The new guy was a level 5 and about three years younger than .  Even when I was his age I wasn't offered level 4 he must have some really impressive skills.  Jane walked in and so that made one more person left to go what was taking so long? 

" Can't wait to get going." I said  quietly as a figure walks into the room another new one wow this mission must be important. I thought the ship begins to shudder underneath our feet. I just dismissed it as engine trouble but then suddenly the warning lights begin to flash as the computer says, " Alien ship starboard, prepare for boarding parties!"

"What how is that..." Bang  we all are sent flying as we temporarily lose gravity.  We hit the ground again. Froid runs into the room with a look of urgency.

"Delay the mission we need your help in hangar 15 we've got hostiles boarding there!" he yells as the ship shudders again.

"Come on you heard him!Lets go!" May orders , and I happily oblige taking out the blade and charging up ahead hangar 14 wasn't to far and the alien hostiles  we already flooding the halls.  I cut the first one I see in half as the open fire in the cramped hall. Luckily none of the bolts hit me I take down a small squad of then meeting there commander who was gain compared to most humanoids. He punches down at me missing me but knocking the sword of my hand.  I flip back dodging his other fist landing with a semi automatic in my hand, but it was too late to counter his attacks as the other caught up with me shooting him down.   With the short period of peace Froid takes readings on the alien hostiles.

"They're are from the future he says taking the helmets off of them revealing the face of soemthing  that was lizard like but at the same time almost insect.

"New species." he gasped. Up ahead an explosion goes off as a few time safe officers hit the wall the life leaving there bodies as more aliens poor in.

"What the meaning of this?" I ask readying my gun.


The End

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