Jane - Taking offMature

I was nearly one of the last to arrive at the meet up point, to find another member had been added to the group. He was mostly unfamilar to me, but I knew that he was from a time only shortly before my own and from his badges, was a level 5, so a level above me. I mostly kept to myself so of course many people were unknown.

My weapons weren't as advanced as some peoples, since I still had a little trouble with some of the higher technology, but they were way more advanced than my own time. May commented on the weapons as I arrived. 

"Looks like your not the only one whose not advanced," she stated to the guy, Jaden. 

I mulled over her words for a few seconds before deciding that she was teasing, and so flashed her a smile. "You know I can keep up with anything," I shot back. 

"Or more likely stream ahead. I've seen you, your a crazy one," she replied with a grin.

I shrugged. "I have a lot to live up to,"I said truthfully. 

"Wait," one of the officers said, staring at my hair, a young one who looked to be a level 2. "You're Jane Jones...."

I nodded. "That'd be me. But I'm still not yet that Jane Jones, the one whose story you've probably heard," I replied. "They still say the shades not right," I added, indicating my hair. "And you are?"

"Evan Smyth ma'am," he said nervously, glancing down and I sighed.  

"I'm still only a level 4 Evan, so none of this ma'am stuff," I said frowning. "Now can we get going yet?" I added, turning back to May.

"Just one more person to arrive Jane," she replied. 

"Good good," I said, putting my bag at my feet and leaning against a nearby wall. 

The End

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