I stood beside Froid as we watched the rest of the team assemble.   I had been chosen for this mission barely an hour ago and was still unsure as to why.  "They're quite the odd little group, don't you think?"

Froid just shrugged, "We have our reasons for selecting each one of them."

I noticed a young boy off to the side waiting anxiously for our departure, "how old is he?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Nineteen, just barely a level two."  Froid responded.  "Even he has his reasons for being chosen for this mission, though he doesn't know it yet."

"And what about me Froid?  What are the reasons for choosing me?"

Froid smiled mysteriously, "Like I said, 'we have our reasons' it will all make sence in time."  It was quiet for a moment then he spoke up again, "come, let me introduce you to the others."

He led me over to group that had now assembled outside of the ship.  I was led straight to May Penelope, the leader of squad 7 and the only one in this ragtag group that I actually recognized.  We'd been friends since I had first come to Time Safe when I was sixteen, though we were technecally the same age she was always making fun of me for being a twenty-first centery kid.  I had been born in the nineties way back when all this technology stuff was just being discovered and had joined Time Safe back in 2008 after they had fixed the time hole there. 

That was almost ten years ago now and such old news.  The 21st centery all the way back to the beginning of time had been repaired long ago and hardly anyone ever journeyed to those times anymore.

I smiled at May as Froid led me to her, "May," he said when we were close enough, "I believe you know Jaden.  He'll be joining your squad on this mission."

"You think you can handle it?" she teased, "it's a little advanced."  she nodded toward a man who was covered in weaponry I guessed he was about a level 3 or 4. 

I looked back at May and smiled, "You just never get tired of teasing my upbringing do you?  No matter how far we get from that time."

She shook her head, "Nope, and I never will.  It'll be good to have you on this trip."

"Just like old times."

Froid cleared his throught and we stopped our banter.  "Well I believe that's everyone May.  Have a successful mission and...come back alive."

The End

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