Evan: Getting ReadyMature

I looked about at my small collection of weapons-Level 1's and 2's didn't have much access to high powered weapons until they truly proved themselves. I bagged a couple pistols, a sword, a flame thrower I was still learning to work that Scanton gave me, some old fashioned machine guns from my era, and amo for all of the above. I wasn't as technologically savvy compared to the others here at this organization, most from the 5000's, when I was from the 2000's. It felt strange, like I was transported into one of those old Star Wars movies.

 Taking I glance around my small dorm room, I checked if I had everything. Several bunks were jammmed into the shared room, six Level Ones and two Level Twos in one room together. For the past few months, it had been home.

 I strolled out, into the hall and out of the dorm area. I found Switch Gail waiting for the others, a high Level Three, well known in my neck of the woods.  He was serious and tough looking, muscles everywhere and probably a decade older than me. Though he greeted me with a light, friendly demeanor that I did not expect, "First mission outside of the ship, huh?"

 Nervous I stuttered, "Y-ye-yes, Sir."

 "Don't call me 'Sir', I'm only a level above you," he sort of chuchled. "The name is Switch, Switch Gail, and yours would be?"

  "Evan, Evan Smyth." I reply, and Switch holds out his hand, and I shake it back.

  "Nice to meet you Evan. Don't worry too much on the mission, the most of us won't be expecting much out of you, and plus if anything goes seriously wrong, I will make sure you get back here in one piece. But I doubt that you'll need my help."  he said encouragingly, making me feel I little less anxious.

  "Thanks Sir."  I said, and realized I said 'Sir' once more.

  Switch smiled good-naturedly and contained a laugh,  "It's a hard habit to break, don't worry. So, do you have any experience other than cleaning these weapons?"

   He held out a pulse pistol, and I grinned. Before I could answer, I few more members of our forming Squad strolled over, bags and sacks on their backs as well.

  The mission appeared that it was near ready to begin.   

The End

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