Switch: Gearing upMature

We all left for our respectable rooms, and began gearing up. I wasn't to choosy since the weapons list was whatever we felt like bring, my first two decisions where easy. A fusion blade, semi autmatic pulse weapon on my leg, as for armour I decided medium heavy blast armour could be useful especially for me because it seemed more like the wieght of medium light.  The rest of my gear was simple a bag with food, charged clips, medical extra weapons, multiple powersource charger, and a hacking data robot, which is really a cube that has multiple tools for opeing doors or gettin information you. I brought it just in case we run into a few problems you never know about. I walkedout of my room a large fusion sword hanging off my back and a bag over top of it, blast armour and a few pulse weapons either found on my thighs or under my arms. I was relatively light but well prepared. 

When I had arrived I was five minutes early, and noone else was there, however it didn't take a minute for the level two to come around the corner.He looked sorta nervouse. I could see why in his eyes , and in his heartbeat when I increassed my hearing capabilities.

"First mission outside of the ship huh?"

"Y, ye, yes sir."

"Don't call me sir i'm only a level above you. The name is Switch, Switch Gail, and yours would be?" I ask.

"Evan, Evan Smyth." he says, I hold my hand out, and he shakes it back his clothes riding on him clumsily.

"Nice to meet you Evan. Don't worry to much on the mission the most of us won't be expecting  much out of you, and  plus if anything goes seriously wrong I will make sure you get back here in one piece. But I doubt that you'll need my help." I say encouragingly, Knowing I have been in the same posistion once.

" Thanks sir." He said sir agian, I kept a laugh in when he noticed he said sir.

"Its a hard habit to break don't worry." I say," So do you have any experience other then cleaning these weapons?" I ask taking out a pulse pistol.

The End

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