Jane - briefingMature

Since I had trained earlier this morning, May let me off simulator duty. I was glad, for her simulator was tough. Fun, but tough. Instead we waited around for those inside to finish and for new arrivals to arrive. Apparently this would be a big mission, since there were quite a few various officers coming. 

"You got the shade right yet?" May had asked, indicating my purple hair as we waited. Every so often I would get the exact shade of colour adjusted genetically.

I shook my head. "Scanton says no. It's still not the purple I have when I barge into his office. But I'm getting close."

We had been interrupted then by the new arrivals of Evan and Shade. Not too long after they arrived those in the simulator came out. Froid told us we should head to to the briefing room and so head there we did.

It was there we learnt why we were being sent to Tolaria 1400. It seemed there was a rip in space there, one that was being help open from the future. Something had declared war on Tolaria 1400s and we were to stop it.

"So," May said, once the Darin left. "Anybody bothered by the mission briefing? Anyone want to drop out? Because in t minus," she looked at her watch briefly, "58 minutes we will be on our way and there will be no coming back."

The level 2, Evans had looked a little nervous, but he quickly said that he was coming. Everyone but me had agreed, when May suddenly turned to me. 

"Do I even have to ask Jane?" she said in what I guess was supposed to be a teasing manner. It was always hard for me to tell. 

I grinned. "It sounds like fun, and you know I'm always up for adventure."

"Can't hurt to know that you'll be alive to tell the bossman to recruit you," one of her squad piped up and I glared at him. 

"Time can change. With every risk there's still a chance I'll die," I told him, before grinning once more. "Thats what makes it so fun."

"Your crazy," Switch said shaking his head. 

"I'm told I simply take some getting used to," I replied, and May nodded in agreement. Glancing around the table, she spoke up again.

"Now there may be some others joining us at the ship before we go. I'll check in with Froid now. But I want all of you to get your packs and meet me at the ship in 45 minutes. We leave in t minus 54 minutes and anyone late gets left here. Understood?"

We all nodded and quickly filed out, heading to our quarters to gather our necessary belongings for this mission. 

The End

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