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Slowly one by one May's squad tired and left the simulation but I kept going , mostly using my oversized fusion blade.   The electronics died on the fusion blade losing its heat generator just making it just a sword. I took the pulse rifle but it too ran out of ammo.

"Guess i'm done." I shrugged punching and kicking a few more enemies before leaving the simulator. I was really sweaty but I felt great. The doors slide open.

" I guess it is above average , but still pretty easy. I don't see how you find that hard." I say placing both weapons into a charging station.

"You have to have an implant!" One of May's teams accuses me, I think his name is Max.

"No, but heavy genetic modifications for the fake war, or also known as the war that never happened."

"Enough history, it was always a boring class."Max yawns, I give a slight smile but I knew very will to be a time safe agent you should be fairly good at history.

"Well anyways we've got more arrivals for this mission. Here is Evan , a level 2 , and Shade a level 5." May introduces me to them.

" A pretty packed mission huh?" I ask rhetorically.

"There is going to be more but they aren't here yet!" A call come from down the hall, it was Froid," And may if I where you I would start heading to the briefing room." May gives him a look then orders us  down to the briefing room. I grab my weapons.In the briefing room we all sat down, and then a holographic screen shows us temperal infareda time rip.

" Its not like most of the time rips we have dealt with this one is from the future, and whatever is on the otherside is keeping it open and Tolaria in the 14oo is under siege by an enemy with far advanced weapons." A really small man hovers into the room , actually rephrase a Darin.

"So then what exactly are we to do?" May asks.

"I'm asking you to see what is holding the rip apart, and if you can take any functioning technology back. " He ansers simply.I had a few questions this seemed a bit wierd , we don't usually try not to deal with future ordeals, or try to take future technology.

" In T minus 60 minutes all of you will be brought to the 1400's around the time rip , and find out whats keeping in it open." The Darin the proceeds to leave.  I had a feeling this mission was going to be easier said then done.

The End

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