May: MissionMature

"This mission's getting packed" I sigh looking round. Just then a girl comes racing down a corridor towards us. She stops in front of me gasping. She obviously came either really fast or from the other side of the ship.

"Hey, I'm Shade" The girl says straightening up and pushing back her hair. She holds out her hand and I take it in a shake smiling.

"I'm May" I say simply. She freezes and stares shocked.

"You're May Penelopy but... I thought you would be...." Shade stutters and I laugh to break the tension.

"You thought I would be more serious?? Bigger???" I say raising an eyebrow. Shade nods then shakes her head.

"I'm from squad 9" Shade says gripping a hilt of a sword at her waist.

"Kyle's Squad???" I say confused. Shade nods and I turn on Froid whose trying to sneak out. "You arranged this" I snap. He stops and turns to face me. Seeing the look on my face he sighs.

"You need to get over what happened" Froid mutters looking at the ground.

"What that he requested me for a squad before my brother and then my brother shoved me out of a light speed spaceship cause I got a squad before he did? Hardly likely" I turn to face Shade. "Tip for when you go back, don't try to out do Alex"

She looks confused. "Alex pushed you out of a lightspeed spaceship?" Shade mutters. "Wait he's your brother?"

"Old news... oh and the ship was going at light speed" She gawks then shakes her head.

"I always thought he was bad news. Oh, he's also getting tranferred to squad one" Shade says.

"Good he'll be stuck on prison duty" I say. "What level are you?"

"Five, got promoted today" She says happily.

"Good going. We need more high level girls around. In fact we need more girl time agents in general" I yell that in Froid's direction who rolls his eyes. Its true though. Guys have always thought they were superior.

The End

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