'I got a promotion!'  I almost screamed as Kyle came down the corridor towards me.  I ran at him and threw my arms around his neck, limbs and hair flying.  Although I was thin, the wild looking woman throwing herself in the air towards him surprised him and he staggered at the impact.

'Congrats Shade.  You'll be a level six in no time at this rate.'  He laughed carefully unhooking my arms from around his neck.

'I wish I could tell my Mum about it, she'd be so proud of me.'  It was at moments like this that I missed my mum.  She had taught me everything I knew, which was why Time Safe had recruited me in the first place.  My skills in fighting and use of weapons was far superior to many of the other level 5 officers and some of the level 6's.

'You know you  can't do that.  It's against the rules.'  Kyle looked at me with that face he pulled whenever he thought I would step out of line.

'I know that, it doesn't stop me from wishing it though.'  Kyle had been my level 6 officer since I had  been assigned to squad 9 when I was a level 3.

'Well, stop wishing and get your uniform on, you're being temporarily transferred to another squad.'

'Why?  I'm a member of your squad and I don't want to be transferred.'  I looked up into Kyle's deep blue eyes, searching for the answer.

'It's a big mission to Tolaria in the 1400's, May Penelopy is heading the operation.  Think how that will look on your record.'

'I don't care about my record and I don't want to work with May Penelopy, she's a tough trainer and I'm not sure we'd get on.'  I pulled a sulky face and crossed my arms across my chest.

'It's orders from above me Shade.  You're just going to have to stick it out.'  I thought about it and decided not to make a fuss.  'I don't want to lose you either, you're a good officer and I'll be waiting for you to come back.'  He hugged me, pressing my head against his chest before releasing me.  'Now go get ready and do us proud, they'll be waiting for you at the simulator.'  I grinned before running off towards the locker rooms.

The End

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