The intercom blared overhead in our prison-like room, a windowless place where we sat and cleaned weapons, readying them for use. I listened carefully to the mumbles over the radio, calling certain people this way, and other to do that, longing for the moment that this hideous pile of tools beside me was done.

 The door opened, and everyone stood from their chairs. It was Scanton-he had been helping run the operation since it's beginnings so he had earned much respect. He was older, with neat, silver grey hair, fierce dark eyes, and a scar across his forehead that he wore like a crown. I was told he was my brother's great-great-great-great-great grandson, my relation in a small way. He recruited me to this organization of Time Keepers when they dropped by my time and pulled me into the future. Scanton had a soft spot for me, he said, but he still treated me the same as the level one's and two's.

  "At ease," he beckoned us, and we returned to our seats. Everyone warily kept an eye on him as he walked the circumference of the room, peering over our shoulders.

   "....Weapons Room, May Penelopy is requesting her weapons, May Penelopy at the Simulator, requesting her weapons...." the intercom voice called. We all hurried to dig through our clean pile of weapons, and I found her stash of them in my own. Gathering them in a great bundle in my arms, I stood, bowed my head to Scanton respectfully, and kicked open the door as gently as I could.

   Out in the hall, people were bustling about, attempting to complete their own duties. I pushed through the flood of people, trying not to drop any of the weapons in my arms. Jogging, I had the Simulator in my sights, and soon reached it. Squad 7 and it's many high level 6's stood there, waiting for me.

   "May Penelopy?" I looked at all the faces, I recognized Froid, who was giving me a look of disapproval. 

    A small woman with icy blue eyes stepped forward, and took her selection of guns, an electric bow, and others from my arms. She furrowed her brow at me as she stepped back, "You new around here?"

   "Recruited two months ago," answered Froid sharply before I could open my mouth. "He's a relitive to Scanton."

   "Ah," she raised her eyebrows. "Level 1?"

   "Two," I corrected. "Promoted last week."

   She glanced at all the weapons still in my arms, and beckoned, "You can set them right here-that's fine."

    I did as I was told and offered my hand, "Evan Smyth."

   "May Penelopy," she answered, shaking my hand more firmly than I had expected, and then introduced the others, one by one.

    Just then, Scanton walked over. He commanded even the highest Level 6's respect with his impressive stature. "Hi there, Squad 7. Heading to Tolaria 1400, I heard."

    May Penelopy nodded, and then another guy stepped out from the Simulator, sweating and breathing heavily.  "Yes, Scanton." she answered, strapping on her weapons.

    "Need an assistant?" Scanton patted my shoulder with his strong, heavy hand.

    "How many mission's has he been on before?" Froid said curtly. He was there when I was recruited, and didn't like me for a reason I didn't know.

    "One-with Squad 4." my brother's descendent answered. "Did quite well, actually. From what I was told. He'd be useful on your trip."

    Some of them held back looks of distaste-I was a barely a Level 2-but I could feel excitement building in me. Tolaria 1400-with Squad 7!  May Penelopy gave me a friendly smile, though, "Alright."


The End

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