Switch: Proving myselfMature

I could tell this squad wasn't quite happy with my arrival, I'm not sure what it was but I had the biggest urge to show them up. It might be a little cocky  of me to say but I have skills that far surpass that of a level three. I just never let myself get promoted to a higher level in fear of gaining more responsability , and losing a few freedoms that you recieve being a level three.As we walk toward the simulation deck , a girl with light purple bumps into the squad members ahead.

"Hey Jane."May says," We were just heading to the simulator with a new level three.Do you want to come?"

"Actually I was looking for you. Im heading down to Tolaria with you."

"Okay well come with us to the simulator, oh and by the way that is the new level his name is Switch. Switch this is Jane."  May intoduces us. I hold my hand out an old custom that to this day is still used.

"Nice to meet you." I say as she shakes it.


We walk straight into the training  simulator. It looked just like another well until the power turned on.I had to admit I was impressed.

" Okay I do admit that is impressive." I say,"But what makes this any different from any other simulator." I give an overconfident smile.

"When you see it that over confident smile of yours is going to disapear in a splitsecond." May says.

"Perhaps, Let see this thing." I challenge as holographic weapons apear before us. I chose a fusion blade,an  autotmatic pulse rifle, and a few flame grenades.

The End

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